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#RPDBreeze is a black female Labrador and served as an explosives search dog with Gwent Police from 2014 until she took early retirement to be with her handler in 2020. 


She was gifted by one of Gwent Polices very own handlers who obviously saw her potential.


#RPDBreeze started her career with a baptism of fire being, deployed immediately to support her Scottish colleagues with the 2014 Commonwealth Games and then deploying directly to Northern Ireland to support her Northern Irish colleagues with the Orange Parade March's. At home in Gwent, she was deployed to assist with the NATO Summit as well as making sure all dignitaries visiting Gwent, we're safe during their stay.


#RPDBreeze now lives with her handler and family and made the transition to a house dog with ease. She is still fit and well, enjoying lots of walks, swimming, plenty of relaxing and of course receiving any food treats she can obtain (using her well trained puppy dog eyes).

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