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#RPDCharlie is a male English Springer Spaniel. #RPPDCharlie joined the Police in 2011 having been rejected by the Prison Service for being a bit too crazy while searching.


He was placed on an initial training course and after some guidance he soon calmed down and became a great search dog.


Not long after passing his initial course #RPDCharlie accompanied his handler to London in 2012 to help search areas for the London Olympics, some of the venues he searched were Wimbledon (which turned out to be a tennis ball heaven) and Horse Guards Parade.


#RPDCharlie went on to conduct a very successful career with Gwent Police locating thousands of pounds worth of drugs and cash along the way. One such job involved locating a pillowcase containing approximately £80,000.00 cash in a wooded area next to a traveller’s site. The ‘owners’ were not best pleased.


#RPDCharlie retired in 2019 and unlocked the next level of life which involves sleeping and demanding breakfast, tea and more sleeping. He has taken to retired life perfectly with a happy balance of rest (on any bed or sofa in the house) and exciting walks. Just prior to lockdown #RPDCharlie would regularly be seen in local beer gardens sat patiently waiting for food or crisps to accidentally ‘fall’ in his direction. Charlie has a large extended family which he enjoys spending time with. 


Neighbours have also adopted him while mum and dad are at work and they enjoy long walks and sleeps on the sofa too. #RPDCharlie has also become somewhat of a model in retirement, basing himself on Zoolander and has developed ‘looks’ such as the ‘Shark eye’ and ‘Sexy Lookback’ to name but two.


#RPDCharlie is luckily still in good health and enjoys playing and sniffing with the workers who still live outside (#PDWasp and #PDMaize).

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