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#RPDEddie is an 11 and half year old Springador.


#RPDEddie was kindly donated to Gwent Police by a local family in 2009, and after passing his suitability tests was paired with his handler. He then passed his initial course and became a licensed drugs dog capable of locating drugs, cash, firearms and ammunition. 


He retired in early 2020.


#RPDEddie was renowned for taking life at his own pace but possessed a massive appetite for work (and mischief!).


He enjoyed a tremendously successful career, locating massive amounts of cash and drugs.


#RPDEddie has worked alongside two General Purpose Dogs (#RPDKenny and #RPDNoah) during his time, collecting the award for “Team of the year” on several occasions.


A highlight of his career was working at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, where he was tasked to search Wembley Stadium for the semi-finals and finals of the football.


#RPDEddie has remained with his handler and family, and now enjoys reeking havoc around the house with his old work mate #RPDNoah.

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