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#RPDKrissy is a female German Shepherd and can be described as a big dog with a big heart. She had great presence and caught many a criminal in her career with Gwent Police.


#RPDKrissy came from the West Midlands Police breeding scheme and showed great abilities from the start. She was licensed and hit the blocks running by catching a violent offender on her first night shift with her new handler. 


#RPDKrissy continued this form throughout her career and became a valued member of the dog section. She could be described as a big cuddly bear, and she impressed all with her presence and enthusiasm to catch people.


On one occasion #RPDKrissy impaled herself on a fence but continued tracking on to locate the suspect and on another occasion, she tracked for around three miles across moorland in hot conditions, locating a career criminal from a stolen car. This was a great example of her drive to catch people, was she suffered heat exhaustion but carried on the shift once she recovered.


#RPDKrissy had outstanding ability with massive respect and love for people, which proved to be the result of her early retirement.


#RPDKrissy was simply too nice and kind-hearted to deal with aggressive volatile criminals and it proved stressful for her. #RPDKrissy had an amazing character to work with and will always be remembered by her previous handler.


She is now settled in retired life with her forever family and lives a fantastic life. 


#RPDKrissy now spends her days helping her new owners at their place of work, greeting customers, much to their delight! She enjoys playing in garden and loves long walks at the beach with her tennis ball!

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