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#RPDBenny is a male Belgian German Shepherd cross who served Gwent Police as a general-purpose dog from 2010-2015. 


#RPDBenny loved serving, protecting and helping his handler PC Porter uphold the law! 


He retired in 2015 due to health issues and now lives with his new adopted Dad. 


#RPDBenny is living a happy retirement, enjoying walks, exploring with his nose, carrying his tennis ball or large stick, pleasing Dad and last but not least eating (his favourite activity!). 


#RPDBenny has been labelled the Benjamin Button of the canine world, however age is finally catching up with him. Diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy on top of arthritis on forelimbs we've had to adjust home life and begin a new chapter in our companionship. 


#RPDBenny still enjoys shorter walks, Sunday dinner at grandparents, having a dip in the river and his physio sessions. He also still circles like a lunatic when Dad comes home from the shops but enjoys more chill time than he used to listening to Planet Rock, snoozing and cwtching with Dad on the sofa!

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