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#RPDNoah is a 7 and half year-old German Shepherd, bred by West Midlands Police.


#RPDNoah served with Gwent police as a General-Purpose Dog from 2014 to 2020. Unfortunately, at that point, he had to retire due to an injury.


He enjoyed a very successful career from beginning to end and was responsible for tracking and locating countless offenders and their ill-gotten gains, as well as vulnerable people in need of help.


His operational success was recognised when he was awarded the much-coveted Gwent Police Dog Section “Team of the year” trophy in 2017.


#RPDNoah also proved himself as a competent trials dog, winning the in force trials on one occasion. He then went on to represent Gwent at the South West regional trials in 2017 and 2019, winning trophies for being the best tracking dog, best person searching dog and best property search dog. He also competed at the National Police Dog Trials in 2019.


Following his retirement, #RPDNoah has remained with his handler and family, quickly making himself acquainted with the comforts of the living room! He also enjoys the company of his old workmate, #RPDEddie.

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